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Duration: 3 Days

Course Outline Preview

1. Skin Anatomy – Theory
2. Color Theory
3. Brow Mapping
4. Pressure & Depth
5. Product Knowledge
6. Client Consent / Health Concerns
7. Live Demo
8. Hands on Model

Take a look at Varbie’s Microblading Prices

New Clients;
$550 per client
Appointment Duration 2hrs
Touch ups:
$100-$150 every 6 months
Appointment Duration: 30 mins to 1 hr

Why not take a leap of faith, pursue your desire and love what you do? This is a multibillion dollar industry and its predicted to grow even more. The best thing about it is that you can start part-time, no need to quit your day job (YET) you just need to go for it and believe in yourself.

Now that your here you’ve already taken the first step. You found the secret to success! Next is to Learn from the best register now to reserve your stop and let Varbie mentor you through her years of being in the industry.

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